can kirby beat goku

I'm actually just trillion ants inside of a human suit who wants to live the good life. Even though it appears he's aging rapidly. Lavos is an alien parasite otherwise known as the destroyer of all life. Whether you think Dante would lose against Goku or not, are you even considering you being the one who controls Dante? So, who would actually beat the Saiyan we all know and love? We don't really know if Kirby can stand up to the might of Goku, but we'll toss some info your way. He's NEVER able to be killed in his entire series. When sucked up, thing don't die. Dante is the kind of guy that likes to wield a sword and pistol simultaneously with a bit of magic thrown in. If Jak has the anger and ammo, he might put up a decent fight. He could beat the JLA with all his feats. There are a lot of conversations happening on the internet about how strong Goku is and how he could basically end any character from anything you've ever heard of ever. His life ending can destroy a dimension. Let us know if we forgot anyone. Alucard has a wide range of attacks, weapons, techniques, and transformations that would certainly be a new battle for Goku. I knew someone would bring this up. He's a fighter pilot who's had his legs replaced with metal prosthetics so that when flying the blood doesn't rush to his legs. But we don't know how strong that actually is. If Goku can't figure that out, maybe Sin would win. So hakai wouldn’t work. Be the first to answer! So as they progress through the story and strengthen, you can start to get a feeling about how they'd handle a real threat. The only way to really beat Lavos is by traveling through time. You took the word possibilities and wanked it to no end, completely disregarded the fact it's not concrete and it's a hyperbole evidenced by the words, dreams ,memories and chaos which have nothing to do with the structure of the universe. I’m referring to the squiggles that are first seen while the screen transitions to where Marx is waiting, in case you overlooked them. For general information about the character, see Kirby. Even if he somehow does, there is … He may be on par with the Greek and Norse Gods. Goku right now is bare minimum universal most likely having multi-universal powers. Dracula would be on this list because he's super strong and in his various creative forms could probably stand to to to with Goku. There's a pretty solid chance that even if Fox had his ship in prime form and condition, that Goku would be able to blast him out of the sky. You are indeed where you belong. Sephiroth, or rather the Sephiroth we're referring to is actually not the original Sephiroth. Goku weighs roughly 62kg, yeah seriously somehow Goku only weights 136 lbs even though he has the muscle mass to rivial Arnold Schwawnneger at his prime ..Anyways, accelerating at 1,758,782,420.266667m/s crossing 1,000,000,000 m in merely 1.75 Seconds, Goku would’ve burned up over 1.917855673140226e+29 Joules of energy per second or roughly 45 837 850 696 000 … Be that as it may, I'm just pointing out that both can probably solo these two. This article is about Kirby's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. Mostly regarding to his durability. So Jak and Daxter may be a bit of a stretch, but there are a few attacks Jak has that sort of make him a respectable warrior. Wear him down over a long period of time? Voice actor Kirby Morrow has died at the age of 47. Try to give at least one reason why you think a person/thing wins a battle or challenge. A morph gun that happens to have an attachment that holds a mini nuclear bomb. Kirby solos. Cartoon directed towards children with Pikachu being their main mascot. We're all waiting for her debut on the Nintendo Switch. I don't know if he could win a fair fight, but I do think Kirby could pull a Freeza cause he can survive in space and Goku can't. He can fly and basically handle any attack thrown at him with nonstop magic attacks and sword strikes coming your way. We're talking about living beings with brains. Not that anyone in the gaming world has admitted that Chief is an immortal or anything. Let's say the levels continue until Goku perishes. Yeah. His life ending can destroy a dimension. Cloud. It's possible. After all, we've seen how some of them are portrayed in comics. Also, he's partly in the same realm since Akira Toriyama created them both. I hope you're not talking about DBS. Yea, I know about that but I'm talking about the anime Goku mainly. That was until Infinity War had everyone wetting their pants and Fortnite decided to add a mode to the game where one lucky player could play as Thanos and demolish everyone else. I don't know much about Goku's durability, but I do know that Kirby can suck up just about anything given the right circumstances. Manga Goku’s Hakai literally erases Kirby from existence. But other than the super awesome pyramid... helmet... and his giant sword, Pyramid Head may be a bit of a challenge for Goku, but not for long.

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