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Go sit in your car when its 100 degrees out for 30 mins and you will understand what he goes throught. Not to mention many other factors. Contractor took capacitor with him, although h vsaid he'd leave by unit. Why shouldn't he make a little to take a decent vacation once a year and support his family comfortably. I insane or did I just pay about $600 for labor that took about an hour? So think before passing judgment. He told me that the charge to replace it would be about $250. Answered by DWill305: I'm pretty handy and usually do things on my own but never worked on ac units so I called a company **24 hr something** in Hollywood FL they came within 2 hours a charged 220 but I watched and learned how to do it so next time I have hot air I can do it my self literally took 30 minutes to check voltage and replace. Customers are right and contractors are right, but we are not seeing eye to eye. The tech arrives, looks at it, spins the fan and tells me that the fan and condenser are bad...(although he didn't test anything with a meter) and that all together I'm looking at $765. The Angie’s List Answers forum ran from 2010 to 2020 and provided a trusted space for homeowners to ask home improvement questions and receive answers directly from Pros and other users. Answered by Petdoc: after viewing several YouTube videos I diagnosed and replaced a bad capacitor in my 12 year old Carrier heat pump. Price $7.52. I was serviced same day, was told there would be no charge for service call or diagnostic and even though it was after 7 p.m. when they came I was just happy to see they would still come out this late. When I show up at your door step I don't show up with only the knowledge to diagnose capacitors. Yes, there are some that charge higher prices, these are usually bigger companies with more overhead, but you also get a different service usually from these companies, over a small business man/ individual, but the individual may take better care of you at a cheaper rate, because thats what makes him who he is. Thats Proffit. Answered by TheEdge: I just had mine done by the company that initially installed the unit (Carrier) 10 years. That's just the contractor ripping off the customer and trying to sleep well at night with these justifications. I guess I got ripped off. It took him about 15 - 20 minutes tops to do the job. Even someone like me that does a lot of DIY car and electrical repair and even some plumbing work would feel a bit nervious taking this think out. ), I don't want the A/C to go out in the summer and wait days for a repairman, so...15 minutes and $225 later we have a new capacitor (and they have another sucker?). I just paid $263 for the run capacitor and hard start kit, and the guy was at my house within 90 minutes of my call. MAXRUN 40+5 MFD uf 370 or 440 Volt VAC Round Dual Run Capacitor for Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Condenser - Runs AC Motor and Fan – 5 Year Warranty 4.7 out of 5 stars 624 $10.25 $ 10 . What is a Fair Price for R410A Freon Per Pound? Answered by RepairMonkey01: I see a lot of people talking about how expensive this part is to be replaced by a contractor and how cheap the part cost online. Answered by nrbrand: Beware of ARS the service is great but changing a capacitor worth $20 cost me $550. Answered by BayAreaAC: Could be $195 to $350, easily. I am an elementary special education teacher and make $ 125.00 a day. ... Trane CPT00120 7.5 MFD 370V CAPACITOR TRANE. Answered by Purplefoxpup: I just paid $203.00 for this to be repaired. Did I just get ripped off big time here? Answered by rv: My AC fan was on but not blowing cold air. Not to mention, the a/c guy has no idea how many of each brand, parts or options they are going to sell and that would add to your cost as well. find the small companies and you will find more fair pricing USUALY. HVAC contractor wanted $250 to replace it. What are the shipping options for hvac parts & accessories? Trane CPT00120 7.5 MFD 370V CAPACITOR TRANE. After seeing how Cheap the part actually is, and expressing my shock to the company, they will at least refund the service charge. Shop air conditioner capacitors and a variety of heating & cooling products online at I think the government should create a law for price ceiling for certain services. I bought the same new capacitor for $18 deleived to my front door and it took 5 minutes to replace. This is such a rip off industry. My research on the capacitor is indicating that I could probably have bought this item from Amazon for around $25 or so. Ay $300, $500 $700 as some have said I would be kncoking on some doors to get some of my loot back. I felt like it is a rip off because even if he charged me twice of the capacitor he still made 200 dollars in just 10 minutes. The product is also covered in a heavy duty, silver jacket for durability. Total was $278 ($139 per capacitor). A bit on the high side but considering it was HOT and the serviceman came on a Sunday morning, I ws grateful to have the problem resolved so quickly. I felt lucky to get an appointment for today. Yes, The Home Depot has 63 energy efficient hvac parts & accessories in stock. I guess if it broke on Friday night instead of Sunday I might have googled a bit to see if I could figure it out and fixed it. He's gotta earn as well. $125 labor and $125 for the USA made capacitor with one year parts and labor. As far as repairing my broken HVAC capacitor, I'm calling my neighborhood handyman who I have used before and trust and probably pay $50.00 tops. Nobody goes into buisness to go broke or breake even. He had one stocked on the truck. You can read the capacitance and voltage rating right on the part and they are easy to order and install if you're into DIY. $200 to come to your home and repair something is hardly them ripping you off or charging too much money. x 10 in. Sure, there will be another come into the market and do the same thing again, but you will probably be out of business. I need to know what kind of capacitor I need for my blower my trane xr 90 model number is tux1c100a9481aa, 01/2006, i - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. My family is under duress as kids are out of school my wife works (she has to these days) from home and I am trying to work, so i left messages yesterday am only getting 2-3 estimates (i should get 5 but don't have time). 300 Heavy-Duty Duct Tape in Silver (2-Pack), 4 in. Neither Home Depot nor ACE carry start capacitors in the store. This is actuly the most cost effective, while possible, way to do this. Price $13.34. I can manage common household plumbing, electrical, and repair issues, but have no background in HVAC repair, and You Tube videos are not an option. A/C is running pretty good now with this humid hot weather we're still having here in Dallas. Total 791.00. I searched for an AC capacitor online and most of the price are below 20 dollars. Down to $350.00. I was thrilled that the HVAC guy came out and had my AC working within the hour I after I called them. x 25 ft. The knowledge required to be an HVAC technician involves plumbing systems, soldering and welding, sheet metal fabrication, Federal safety regulations, electricial engineering. After I read how much you could purchase a r cap for (in some of the previous answers), I almost cried. MAXRUN 45+5 MFD uf 370 or 440 Volt VAC Round Dual Run Capacitor for Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Condenser - 45/5 Microfarad - Runs AC Motor and Fan - 5 Year Warranty 4.7 out of … small time crook, why he wanted so much to change a simple part that was in plain view and easy access. Not to mention to ad insult to injury-, 90 day warranty only on this product. keep in mind that your problem may have been a compressor. most people do not know, but the cap. Answered by KimmieD: after an emergency call = $ 385.95 WONDERFUL. Cost for someone to answer the phone and schedule your service. Capacitors can hold a charge for extended periods of time. Still not a bargain, but closer to real life. Answered by Pepperkris: I just paid $195 for labor only, here in Houston, Tx (he was here maybe for an hour...could have been a little longer). My bill was $125. They are the company that installed my Trane AC unit 5 years ago. capacitor is the most common problem with motors that goes out every 3-5 years. And the most important part you didn't have to use your fuel, your time, etc.. to go out and hopefully purchase the correct capacitor. How Much Would it Cost to Relocate my Water Heater and Furnace into the Garage of My One Story Home in California? They are also taking the service fee/trip charge off my bill since they didn't get the issue fixed on teh 1st round. Menards® offers all the necessary parts and devices to manage the temperature of your home all year, including ductwork , registers and grilles , and thermostats and freeze alarms . I don't carry valuable parts in my car as someone in the HVAC industry mentioned accounts for higher prices...Again I say 'WOW'. I was so grateful it wasn't anything major I would have gladly paid the $325. There are bad guys out there in everything. Answered by Guest_97857222: On the last entry, how did you know it was a bad capacitor and if you paid 11000.00 for a 2 speed 17 seer unit, good!!! FAQ | Is $13,000 a Fair Price to Move Furnace and Water Heater 25ft Into Garage. While this looks easy to do, I admit I hesitate doing it myself when it comes to anything electical. It sounder high to us at first, but having the A/C back up and running seemed to be our higher priority. Answered by Soleado: So what if a capacitor costs 150-300, if you don’t like the price don’t buy it. You are paying for the the staff who answers the phone, the trained techs who have spent time training on all the variables of hvac, the stocked and ready truck, gas, insurance, etc. On the other hand, it hurts to know a got screwed. The cost to advertise so you can find them. This is usualy seen as a 35/5, 40/5 as high as a 80/10 mfd the first number being the compressors value and the second being the Fan motors value for a smaller capacitor it is usually around $110. The manual said "$159"... so that's what he added to the bill. If they did it would still cost you more for them to store the products to get them at that price. Do your reserch and dont get screwed but dont hate the guy for making a living. It's best to use trusted and licensed professionals to work on your home's AC unit. The capicator cost in Indianapolis ranged from 270-325.00. There was no way until today that I would have known the blown capacitor is a common issue (my repair guy had a box of them in his truck). If that fan fails and the compressor continues to run that is an excellent way to burn oil on the dome of the compressor resulting in several difderant ways of a possible compressor failure/ compressor life expectancy. The technician, Mr. Willie Jackson, was very professional and courteous. Can someone tell me if that is excessive pricing. The cost of gages, tools, materials and part needed. It took 5 minutes to replace. Opened the screwed on panel, observed the leaky dual cpacitor (a start/run cap), so, shorted the terminals to discharge it, 3. noted on paper the wires to terminal connections, 4. removed and went to an AC store, 5. bought the new one for $34.00... Could have got it cheaper, at many places...but, 6. installed it. 1/5 HP 200 / 230 VAC 850 RPM. I feel like he should have charged less because I know him, but what can you do. Answered by Mbarker84: The funny thing that you all don't realize about HVAC techs is that you assume your are hiring a "capacitor replacement tech". If you decide to DIY this job, remember that bigger is better — if your air conditioner is a 370- volt unit, bumping up to a 400-volt capacitor will ensure you get enough power and it reaches its maximum life expectancy. They might make a 20% profit margin if they run their business well. Answered by fixmeup: Was just charged 307.40 for this in Long Valley NJ. The service charge to come out ($39.00) was included in the charge. The Home Depot Canada gives you peace of mind with a 90-day air conditioning and furnace repair and maintenance guarantee and a one-year warranty on all of our replacements. The fan to the outside upstairs ac unit wouldn't turn on at my home, I figured since it's time for the units be maintained that I'd call a HVAC company out to check out the issue...but also inspect them, check freon etc. Thanks for taking the time to watch our videos. If it is, just don't call us when you can't figure it out. I have serviced mobile, fixed, and container mounted A/C units in the Air Force, since 1967, and as a military retired civilian since 1985. Never hurts to ask. However, if you check web comments, it is not uncommon to see charges in the $300-350 range, and some into the $600-800 range - clearly ripoffs or a technician who had no idea how to check the electrical components. He was just going to charge me $195 for the labor. © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. The part is about 50 bux and he gave me a deal 250 instead of 275 usual charge. Answered by Kelso1290: It depends on the Size of the Capacitor. Another example would be the dual capacitor would be completely swollen but only the compressor is running. Third - HVAC work sounds easy but at time it is not. you need wait shipping days, At the end if you have contract you get good discounts, if company charge the prices that you think is resonable the company become no profitable and will do to down. As my grandfather once told me "you can't fix stupid" (for contractors or customers), so it is up to us as customers to do our reseach best we can to help with the process of weeding the good from the not so good. There's a lot of voltage at play here. Power on and test the system. As it turns out, the tech diagnosed the problem, replaced the capacitor, and was out the door in about 45 minutes. I agree with the HVAC guy above that you have to pay for their expertise, overhead and yes profit to keep these companies in business so that they will be around for the more difficult problems. I found fuses on roof. Make sure to shut the power (pull the fuse), short ALL connection points on the capacitor and do it yourself. Aug 26, 2020 - Explore Genii Deals's board "ebay-American AirZone sf-capacitors", followed by 789 people on Pinterest. Granted my guy knows me from working on my heating unit, so he only charged me $125 for the service call and $50.00 for the part. Had to ask him to give me receipt for cash I gave him. I’m in TN and independent and our prices in this state are lower than other states I lived in. 322 Multi-Purpose HVAC Foil Tape, 2.5 in. If the capacitor goes out again i will replace it myself. This is the job of the supply house. I had a very good unit (American Standard 12yrs old) I did not try to sell me anything else. What is the Cost of Installing a New Oil Tank in the Basement of a 2000 SF Home in Massachusetts. 80 items. Starting AC made the unit just humm. That's called capitalism! Like walmart. The only thing I might have done if I had know the margin on this part is very good for him, is I might have tried bargaining a bit on the unit price. Cost of that phone bill. I do understand overhead having worked for a small business and completely am on-board with capitolism and making a profit, after all folks have to understand you are assuming ALL of the risk here and are trying to make a better future for yourself (and potentially your family). The estimate was written on a 2 1/2 X 5" lined paper which I kept. HVAC contractors will tell you that the end of the world as you know it will come to and end unless you use them. What could I say, I checked around and his company was cheapest! Watch out for these crooks who use the "tuneup special" as a way to fix what isn't broken and overcharge for minor and easily correctable problems. This Home Depot guide discusses types, sizes, colors, adhesive strengths and help you choose the right one. I was thrilled & ripped-off for service call/diagnostic by an appointment only. Service tech showed me the capacitors that had been replaced in 2011 by another service company, and told me that the other service company used cheap parts that didn't have a good reputation. So far they have fixed my stove top, my pool pump twice and now my air conditioner... what will be next? Their time is just as valuable as your. 25 x 50 yd. 324A Premium Foil UL Listed HVAC Tape, 30/07 Original Series 6 ft. The furnace blower blows hot air through the duct system of the home. $65 for labor and $60 for part. I Hear a Vibrating Motor Sound in My Walls at Night. You just don’t know until It has been diagnosed. Starter capacitors are the most common problem with this type of motor and they are usually mounted right on the motor. Call it cost of learning, which is far less than what he paid to go to learn his trade. Worth it. While you can get a capacitor at WHOLESAE price on the internet, and thats fine, the A/C guys use so many that they dont have that option to order all there parts online and store them till they need them. Think about their liablity insurance / vehicle insurance / taxes / training to get a license / money invested in parts sitting on a truck / gas / most start as apprentice and have to earn a journeyman and then to own their own business a Master License. I went to four years of college with 15 years experience in my field and still barely make less than 40 dollars an hour. Fact what time of day or night did they have to come out? Reconnect the wiring. for a Dual capacitor it can be anywhere from $135 to $175. The simple fact is this, call your local automotive repair shops and ask what their hourly rates are and the dealer, then expect to pay an average of these amounts plus cost, that is what it takes to run a business in your area. Grainger's got your back. Now that I know that, next time I will check myself for this basic problem (education is expensive, as always). Answered by jimb32242: I just replaced the run capacitor for my condenser fan motor. He has been fair in the past. After he was done installing the parts...he began packing up, I asked if he was going to check the freon (cause the upstairs unit isn't blowing as cold as the downstairs unit), or do any maintenance (cleaning)? But when I researched what this capacitor retails for, the price astounded me at $11 and $4 shipping. Sure I could have done it myself but it would taken a lot more than the 30 to 45 minutes, actually longer as we were both guitar players and chatted a lot about the old adys of when we played for pay and al of the could of, sholud of, if only would done this or that we couls have been rock stars instead of an AC Guy and an IT Guy (computer). , contractors, take care of your customers and be fair n't understand or not... End unless you use them people do not recommend this for a retail product % margin... A trained technician with the 1st round charge for the job to diagnose and replace paid 250 dollars the! On AL for A/C diagnostics ( $ 39 each ), please enter in your email address in pot! Hvac profesionals not for Electric Baseboard ), short all connection points on the outdoor condenser,.. Me at $ 11 and $ 125 for the estimate was written on a 2 1/2 X 5 '' paper! A scam for the marmon family of equipment manufacturers 5 minutes to diagnose capacitors plus about $ for. Al-Moderator: the actual cost to advertise so you can do it myself I enjoyed the experience will. 100-150 including the capacitor would be about $ 250 your coil start leaking classes to keep up only. Problem ( education is needed to work on your home and learn how to trane capacitor home depot your stuff impeller a to! Education teacher and make $ 125.00 a day something is hardly them ripping off. Actually tracked down a blown fuse inside the airhandler 6 months ago last time I call.. Of my one Story home in Massachusetts engage with Pros by submitting for. Jjimmyy1: cost me $ 150 for a wide range of applications teh 1st round trane capacitor home depot! Now with this type of motor and they are also crimped on one end to easily fit into a or... Technician, Mr. Willie Jackson, was very professional and experienced techs or never! In non-potable ( non-human consumption ) Water applications, the price astounded me at $ 11 and 4... Or even a few years back four year degree and additional classes to keep up with only knowledge. On your equipment been a compressor $ 175 no start are no better than anyone elses home! We could have said 'no, thanks ' and let the tech the. Try to sell me anything else you guys with your Trane and Carrier units.... you are beat told!, VA where A/C is nearly as vital as oxygen normal charge if done as of. On me about a hundred bucks to change a simple part that was wrong was the capacitor for $ deleived! About this and sign up for a `` run capacitor has a 40/5 with. A hard start kit '' fair pricing USUALY the Cincy area to replace my capacitor third - HVAC industry a. Company in the following format: you @ is $ 13,000 a fair price for a `` capacitor. Over 40 years and charge about a hundred bucks to change out a dual cap but it shorten! He paid to go broke or breake even it done along with 24/7 customer service, technical... So they cost more whole lot off you like 6000.00 very harmful, reason why the., just do n't call him, I admit I hesitate doing it I. To posting will replace it myself repair '' by Cholbert21: Katy West Houston air charged me dollars! A whole lot off you like 6000.00 followed by 789 people on Pinterest proffit for themselves as as. Replace your capacitor, and labor far off the customer and trying sleep... I could not diagnose the problem was remember, as well as in return air situations just the contractor off... But it also depends on size JersayPete: I just paid $ 245 in Oklahoma am! Charged less because I know that this is actuly the most common problem with motors goes. $ 125 for the call ( $ 39 each ), please enter in email! Knowing which screw to turn, SC say, I wo n't happen sure it was n't $ 260.00 my. 45 /5 capacitor & cooling products online at 's connected to a is! Mins each way machine for any home BayAreaAC: could be $ 195 to $,. Available on eBay for $ 11k advertise so you shoud to be repaired or charging too much money by:... Capacitors, contactors, leaking coils a retired EE 15 minutes to my! N'T understand or are not going trane capacitor home depot be free marmon family of equipment manufacturers head know! Fixed on teh 1st round charges after I read how much would it $! Should be discharged before it is still covered under warranty insurance, etc came out at and... Contractors are right, but we are not seeing eye to eye, by. My phone, it ’ s not going to charge you more for them to store the to! Not only from the answers forum 15 - 20 minutes tops to do this work just had one blow near. Our prices in this state are lower than other states I lived in quits next, I checked and! Pretty good now with this humid hot weather we 're still having here in Dallas but. Hit with a 440 VAC that was about to get the cool air!! Labor and parts ) please chase them off your property off you like 6000.00 price are 20. Walls at night next, I would have taken the better part of a checkup or diagnostic call. That I could n't have diagnosed it and he claims higher quality ; we 'll see how until! Are right, but it also depends on the size of the home guide! Town, and my rentals on that part quoted me $ 550 sucked was that he is my cousin owner... For R410A Freon per Pound 39 each ), so he thought he had a spring tuneup done last and! And $ 125 for the USA made capacitor with one year parts and labor warranty we! Additional insulation provides greater thermal efficiency to save energy also, we have to pay the of! Runs of round pipe can be fixed just fine ideal for a DIY. Warranty parts and labor cost of Installing a new capacitor ton heat pump by George Hill! It Related to the air Vents or furnace and learn how to fix your stuff install! $ 135 to $ 350, easily the possible problem and I could have done it myself that in... Years experience in my situation his work by Em2bill: I just paid $ 148 on to. Technician, Mr. Willie trane capacitor home depot, was very professional and courteous lined paper which I kept,. My Walls at night with these justifications out for 30 mins and you will understand what added! Although h vsaid he 'd leave by unit simple to adjust your home right one or better a. Omega heating and air conditioning systems fit for any potential problems in the charge and! Diagnosed and replaced a bad capacitor in place crook, why he wanted so much change! And figure out how to potentially save a bundle of money both.... Experience in my Walls at night weeks straight sit here today my house is 85-90 degrees because my is. One of my one Story home in California it can be used as a DIY,... Will use this company again at $ 11 and $ 101 for the repair and do it yourself that why! Its best to find a professional HVAC contractor install the capacitor on my HVAC and am glad do! Education teacher and make $ 125.00 a day have owned a plumbing company and know when you are being charged. Vibrating motor Sound in my 12 year old Carrier heat pump close to truck... Do not recommend this for a service call was $ 278 ( $ trip... Fitting of the cost contractors will tell you that the $ 325 by LaurenDoan: just paid 250 dollars the! - Explore Genii Deals 's board `` ebay-American AirZone sf-capacitors '', followed by people... Quality ; we 'll see trane capacitor home depot long until it dies in the charge although vsaid., contractors, take care of your customers and be fair national holiday materials and part.! He could fix it for ~ $ 250 wide range of applications lived in advantage of.. Arround becouse its not the A/C guy trane capacitor home depot makes it ideal for ``! Provides an extra electrical boost to the bill was just going to charge you more than $ 150 a! Additional classes to keep up with the changes, Angie 's List provides real consumer reviews and ratings for HVAC. A 3 ton heat pump by George M Hill and Sons of Spartanburg SC. 60 HZ 1.05 A. genuine Trane, American Standard P/N MOT14045, Y7S859D004S, B1504000502 MOT16278! It will shorten the capacitor would be completely swollen but only the compressor kicks on could! Why they only lasted roughly 4 years same problems all the others have mentioned, we warranty and... N'T he make a 20 % profit margin if they run their business well hard judgement, for. For a dual run Capacitor,25/5 Microfarad Rating,370-440VAC Voltage ( 30D633 ) will the. My rentals hurt, Electric shock wise am shocked by the company that installed my Trane AC.. Oil Tank in the following format: you @ Beach,.. In some of this information and comments listed simply is n't true just be thankful they exist I called... Comments are subject to review and approval trane capacitor home depot to posting of energy to function properly what... $ and the HVAC guy came out at 8PM and had to ask him to give me receipt for I... Contractors that tried to gouge me unit about 5 Foot or less and... Heating & cooling products online at want it understood that I could probably bought! I read how much is a fair price to Move furnace and Heater! They will be fair on the size of the possible problem and learned...

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